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ACL Repair 2 4375
Ankle fusion 3 2500
Ankle Joint Fusion 3 3750
Ankle Joint Replacement 3 7500
Arthroscopy Elbow 3 1875
Arthroscopy Knee 3 1875
Arthroscopy Menisectomy 3 2188
Arthroscopy Shoulder 3 3125
Subtolar Joint 3 1875
CTS 3 1250
Dupuytren 3 2500
EpicondylitisWilhelm 3 1875
Finger or Toe Endoprothesis 3 2500
Hallux Valgus 3 3125
Hammer Toe 3 1250
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Hip Resurfacing 10 7500
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Knee Replacement Unicondylar 10 8750
Shoulder Endoprosthesis Partial 10 7500
Shoulder Endoprosthesis Total 10 8750

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