Romina was very friendly and helpfulFood is very goodTreatment in general is ok. Very friendly driverIn general good service.


This is my appreciation to the hair transplantation team of Jinemed Clinic in Istanbul: Dr. Orhan, Ms Gulhan, Ms. Romina. Everything was excellent starting from Airport meeting with the driver.Hospitality, food was brilliant.  Operation was carried out very gently and professionally.I would definitely recommend this Clinic.

Many ThanksAlex –London 27.01.2011

« First of all thanks to Romina to guide me for everything. The staff was excellent. I would definitely recommend Jinemed to everybody. »


My experience at Jinemed has been a very good one, from the excellent service being collected at the airport, to the nurses, doctors and Ms. Romina.

All details were talked through before we began and any worries/concerns I had were cased. The facilities were perfect, clean, modern and well equiped. And the food was excellent. If only the NHS could see how a hospital should work. At the time not speaking Turkish was difficult, but all concerned made an effort to understand eachother. All in all the experience was very good.


I would like to register my thanks and appreciation for Dr. Emre  home he had the supervision for my treatment in Jinemed Clinic and his staff the tow trend nurses Ms. Gulhan and Mr. Orhan.

I am touched with the hospitality, care and love they showed during the surgery.

Also I would like to thank Miss Romina, she was the main toll of understanding between Jinemed staff and me non Turkish speakers.I highly recommend FUE at Jinemed by Dr. Emre  and his staff.

Dr. Majed- England 27-10-10

Jinemed is a very good hospital. Romina is an asset to the company. She answered all my questions and helped me through my stay in the hospital. The doctors and staff are very good. I will recommend anybody coming for a hair transplant in Turkey. Jinemed is your no:1 choice. Thank you for the service.

Z.M Birmingham UK-21-10-10

Two months ago I wanted to do my hairtransplatation but I did not know about any hairtransplanttation centers. Finally I found the Jinemed Hospital and went to Turkey and stayed there for 2 days and I am very happy the way that the doctors and the management helped me. They were very nice people.

Mohammed – UK – 04/10/10

To the team of Jinemed
My experience at Jinemed was very good & when I had my hair trainsplant (FUE) by Dr. Fatih and his team, very professional, staff was caring specially.
Miss Romina, she is an asset of Jinemed.
I highly recommend FUE at Jinemed. I would like to thank Dr. Fatih and his team for the services.
Thank you,


A.D- London

I had a great experience with Jinemed Hospital, the staff are friendly and very experienced, they treat me vey well . The  food was really good and I will recommend Jinemed Hospital for all people I know.  Everything was spot on, thank you.

Mr Akram – London

I am touched with the hospitality, care and love of the staff. Everything during my whole trip was excellent. Romina is like a blessing for those who can’t speak Turkish. God bless her. She did not only help me the way it was her duty. She helped me like a family member. Food, care and living conditions are up to date inspite of minimumm price. Gamze treated me so well, not only like a nurse but a friend as well. She is honest with her prefession.Everything else was great.

Mr Sabir – London

Appreciation Note

To ALL Jinemed team. Special the persons was in touch for my hair transplant operation on 27/01/10.

1. Mr Ugur, who arrange with me before coming.
2. Ms. Romina, the very honest, very patient lady where you can feel the support.
3. Dr. Zafer, who consult and supervise my operation.
4. Mr. Mohamed & Ms. Israa who do the operation and as much as I tired they tired more trying their level best to be the bests during operation for long of 7 hours.

Actually, your hospital is ideal, starting from co-orditors, doctors, nurses all your team even drivers and receptionist.

I appreciate and in case if me or my family looking for any only way Jinemed.

Mr. E. D

In general I go back with good experiencies by using Jinemed for my requirements I had before. From first request to operation it took one week only! (perfect). All embloyees were really polite and helpful. Good communication and planning in pre-phase with Ugur!. Good consultancy and explanations by the medical team ( sometimes it was a little bit funny ( English, Turkish and mixed) :). Special thanks to Romina for a good service and coverage of the stay within Jinemed Hospital. Also the price is absolutley OK for the operation and environmental services! I will recommend Jinemed if somebody is asking for.

Thanks a lot to all of you for a great job.

H. Mueller – Hamburg- Germany