Egg Freezing

Recently, one of the most popular topics among our treatments at IVF Turkey is the Egg Freezing process. Many different statistics worldwide indicate that it is one of the fastest-growing treatment within the fertility field. As we have received many patients who have already had the egg freezing process with us, we have put together the most asked questions about the process, as these answers may answer your questions as well.

What is Egg Freezing?

The simple way to explain egg freezing can be described as freezing the eggs, which are retrieved from the ovaries; then, these eggs will be stored to be used in the future. This technique has been used to be able to postpone pregnancy until a time of their choice.

Why we hear about egg freezing more than before nowadays?

There are many reasons that why the egg freezing process increase in our society recently; first of all, it can be related to a medical reason, such as if someone has been diagnosed with cancer or has the signs of early menopause and many more medical reasons can be a reason for women to decide to freeze their eggs.

The other reason can be described as ‘social egg freezing’ in a way elective egg freezing, some women would like to preserve their current fertility status, simply they may feel that it is not the right time yet to have a baby or it can be related to work commitments and many other reasons that may vary from one individual to another.

The Egg Freezing process:

Let’s have a look at the egg freezing process together, step by step:

We would like to underline that the egg freezing cycle is quite similar to the initial stages of an IVF process but much shorter as there is no need for the embryo development and ICSI process.

  • First of all, a patient will have a consultation with one of our IVF Experts either in person or online.
  • This patient will then have initial tests such as AMH, FSH hormone level tests, and a full gynecological scan.
  • After completing the initial tests, a patient undergoes the stimulation phase, which means that a patient will have the same hormone-injection process as in-vitro fertilization.
  • Once the stimulation phase ends, a patient will get a trigger injection.
  • Our IVF experts monitor the growth and development of the follicles.
  • After the egg retrieval occurs, usually after 36 hours following the trigger injection, adequately matured, collected eggs will be frozen to be used in the future. Please note that this procedure is not painful as it is done under sedation.
  • Once a patient is ready, the frozen eggs will be thawed and be prepared for an ICSI treatment.

The entire process may take 14 days; however, you may come only for a few days to Istanbul if you would like to split the treatment between the United Kingdom and Turkey.

How long can the eggs remain frozen in Turkey?

The eggs can remain frozen for five years in Turkey.

Does egg freezing stop the biological clock?

Egg freezing does not stop the biological clock; as aging happens, hormonal activities will go lower, and pregnancy will naturally worsen. The frozen eggs will be insurance for the woman for the future. However, this does not mean that pregnancy will happen in the future. But surely it will increase the chances a lot.

At IVF Turkey, we are so proud of our approach and facilities that we provide our patients with the most advanced technologies within the fertility area and outstanding laboratory facilities.

Is Egg Freezing Safe?

Following the world’s first frozen egg baby’s birth in 1986, approximately 5000 babies have been born from frozen eggs since then.

Until 2012, the egg freezing process was carried out only for medical reasons; however, in 2012 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) gave the green light to non-medical egg freezing, known as social egg freezing; this procedure is considered a significant milestone within the fertility field.

When is the best time to freeze it?

Ideally, the late 20s and early 30s would be the best time to freeze to have the best quality of eggs.

Next Steps:

If you are thinking of freezing your eggs either for medical or social reasons, please do not hesitate to contact IVF Turkey Team. All our team members are ready to answer all your questions about this process. In the meantime, please have a look at our website, where you can find lots of useful information about our treatments.

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