After a year of trying for a baby, we went for tests and were diagnosed with Azoospermia. After getting over the shock and not wanting to on waiting list of the NHS we decided to aboard and do IVF treatment 5 years ago. We choose Jinemed after doing all lot of research and mainly because the excellent reviews on them in the fertility forums. They were so accommodating around our work commitments and communication was very good. The professionalism can not be faulted. Our hope took us to Jinimed and our faith made us strong and Jinimed ultimately Jinemed brought our hope and faith together. We have a twins boy and girl and without a doubt will recommend anyone to Jinimed. They will not disappoint you. Its more then a lip service they always try there best for you. We in fact going again for a second treatment.


God blessed us witt a little baby girl.
jinemed helped us with that.
The accommodation and the service were excellent.
The plus is that these people cared about us.
that makes a huge difference, especially in such a critical moment.


Alhamdulillah, Masha’Allah This is our second gladness to get pregnant from IVF in Jinemed Hospital. The first was with Prof. Dr. Teksen Çamlıbel and Dr.Esra, the second was with Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu.
All the staff are extremely kind, gentle, and fabulous.

Our heartfelt thanks to Zuhal Tascioglu „patient coordinator” for providing high-quality care in addition to the emotional support, We are grateful for taking the time to listen and understand our family’s situation, thank you for everything. Words cannot express how grateful we are.

Our special thanks to Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu, The words “thank you” could never be enough to express our gratitude to you and your team to welcome our second baby. We will forever be grateful for your expertise and for helping our family grow!

We’d like to give our thanks to Prof. Dr. Teksen Çamlıbel and Dr.Esra for the generous efforts to welcome our first baby, We really appreciate your kindness and professionalism.

Big thanks to Yagmur Mutlu „IVF Coordinator” for helping us, answer our questions and promptly return calls, our appointments are easy to schedule.

The word that best describes Mr. Murat Ulug is angel. He is an outstanding Clinical Embryologist, Thank you for your support and encouragement in operation room. Many thanks!

Jinemed Hospital „IVF”, We can’t thank you enough for all of your support and guidance at the beginning of our journey. We’ll be forever grateful.


This is our second time to Istanbul and the Jinemed. I am 40 years old. The outcome has been a success with a natural FET cycle and we are still awaiting the first scan results. We are so very happy. We had 5 frozen, 3 day embryos (from 2009) that were in two vials. We were advised to culture to day 5 to wheedle out the fittest. Sage advice. We were lucky as 2 survived, ok ish quality this time. No medication this cycle, only progesterone after transfer. Many thanks to Zuhal and Dr Meric for responding so promptly to my anxieties as we have never undergone a natural FET before. This was allowed at my request.

Zuhal is the international Coordinator and Dr Meric acts similar and is medical director and Doctor there. All of the Dr’s you would see have excellent English, as does Zuhal, which is very reassuring and I am grateful for!

In 2009, My husband and I travelled to the Jinemed for a fresh IVF cycle.

After undertaking a fresh cycle in the UK prior to this, we noted marked differences between our UK clinic, and other clinics. After a years intense research and attendance to the Fertility show and a Jinemed/London Consultation we made the daunting at the time, desicon to go abroad for treatment.

In the UK, The stimulation medication was way too strong and I feel contributed to our loss in our first pregnancy. 26 follies, 13 eggs, only 3 fertilised. Very poor quality. Overstimulated. Got pregnant then a loss. Then thought, first cycle is often a trial.

For a second go, we had not considered going abroad for treatment until the UK clinic would not consider other medication alternatives that may have agreed better at an individual level. Also UK clinics do not scan you, or take your blood work every day, with exception of very few. Those clinics in the UK, if you note have the highest success rates. One in particular in London, which we explored the option of, meant numerous travel in to the city and days off work. Stress! We were still undecided.

At the fertility show, a speaker discussed her experiences which got us thinking further and braised our confidence. On the Fertility Friend UK forum and website, there was a thread dedicated to the clinic, women documented their journey and their were many positive reports and outcomes. I followed the stories and then was inspired to book a consultation with the Jinemed in London.

At the initial consult, Dr Munip suggested a more natural form of FSH next cyclenand explained why. The fact he acknowledged and understood the concerns I had, meant a lot. He scanned me there and then, which was reassuring. We decided to go ahead, have a holiday and IVF, minimum stress and never looked back.

First IVF at the Jinemed on Menopur, we gained 7 eggs, we put two back at day three and got pregnant (top notch a* quality, and one split , we ended up with triplets) All not ideal but fate and not the Jinemed’s fault. The embryos were all good enough to freeze (they have a criteria) Our ten year period to end the frozen embryos was coming up in 2019. Now that our triplets are 7, we decided to go back. This was 2 weeks ago. We put back 2, day 5 blastocysts of ok ish quality . The 5 remaining embryos were defrosted and cultured to day 5, from cleavage stage, 1 was hatching on transfer. I have a photo to prove it and keep as a treasure, as I do from our triplets.

Very importantly, I feel the clinics success with international patients is down to several factors. these include:

* You truly feel like an individual, communication is tops and ALL questions are ignored and not dismissed or seen as petty.
* travel from the airport and accommodation can be arranged for you, taking extra pressure off. you just say what would suit you. stress minimised which is very important.
*The quality of the embryos is optimised due to everyday scans and blood tests (or as apt) This enables subtle changes to hormone levels, egg growth to be noted immediately and responded to with the correct medical intervention.
*After embryo transfer you rest for two hours on a bed(even if the effect is psychological)
* Cost is good but not the main factor.
* The professionalism but personable manner in which the Dr’s treat you. It is as if they work on your level, without being patronising.
*If you feel confident with thenfollowing aspect, you can arrange your own scans and bloodwork done from a clinic near you, Just ring up your nearest fertility clinic in the Uk and find the one that suits for price, travel and bedside manner. This is great as if you have other commitments in the UK you don’t have to stay as long in Istanbul. You just feedback your results electronically and they are responded to with a next instruction. You can obtain a prescription from the Jinemed too and approach certain UK pharmacies to supply the medication direct.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Jinemed, Not just for then above reasons and neither because we were fortunate twice, to have got pregnant. But, because also of other women’s success whom I know personally, and are still friends with. We met through a forum coming here. They are very happy with their outcomes after numerous failed attempts in the UK (poor responders)

We did have consultations with 4 clinics in the UK. I can say from experience, I found the Jinemed’s modern approach to
Fresh and
Frozen Ivf and their care, superior to any of the UK clinics that we visited.


I went there last month for IVF after 5 years trying to get pregnant but Wasn’t succeed but eventually with help from ifv is happiness. the hospital people have been so nice especially zuhal. She help us from start to finish and that was really helpful thank you so much


I used the medical service of the clinic „Jinemed”. The clinic provides medical services at the highest professional level. Doctors and employees have deep knowledge and experience, and are polite, courteous people. I am sincerely grateful to „Jinemed” and wish them prosperity. Speciall thanks to Dr.Teksen Chamlibel, Dr. Handan Namli and Viktoria Bitmish. Forever „Jinemed”! Muzaffar. Tashkent. Uzbekistan.


We live in Ireland,originally from Lithuania and ivf costs here are not normal.Now we are very happy to have chosen to do the ivf in Jinemed clinic Istanbul.It was our first time and we got lucky I am pregnant 3 weeks now.(couldn’t get pregnant for 6 years,because of endometriosis).We are so thankful to all the team,especially to prof.Meric Karacan for giving as a chance to be a parients and always explaining everything and Zuhal for looking after us from the very begining and cooperating,while we where still at home.Everyone spoke very good english,so all the procedure was clear.There was no delays in clinic,everything was on time and we felt very relaxed and stress free.
Highly recommed this clinic to all the couples who are just dreaming about parenting to get your dreams come true.
Thank you all again.


The best IVF Hospital. Would like to thank the whole team especially to Omer, whose quick and valuable response from the very first day until the complete treatment. He was always 24/7 in contact with us, very intelligent and professional guy. We decided to take the injections in UK and went to turkey a day before the trigger injection. two eggs were transferred back after 5 days. We came back to UK and today after 10 days we had the blood test and it is POSITIVE. Dont have the words to explain how easy and smooth the whole procedure went. credit goes to Mr Omer who answers all of our silly and bundle of questions in the finest way. He helps getting all the medicines and injections here in UK. Highly recommend this place. Istanbul is also very beautiful place.


We have worked in this beautiful hospital and treated us with sincerity and seriousness, and all thanks to the medical staff, the doctor and the translator Omar. Thanks