Gynecologic Surgeries in Turkey

Jinemed comes from the combination of the words “jinekoloji” ( gynecology) and “medical”.

Jinemed has first started as an obstetrics & gynecology group practice in 1989. It has been founded by Professor Dr Teksen Camlibel , FACOG ( Fellow American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology ) who is a well-known physician with practice experience of 12 years in the USA and 22 years in Turkey. Over the years, with its American and European educated physicians, and best trained Turkish doctors, Jinemed became the top known OB/GYN clinic in Turkey. Consultants come from USA periodically to consult patients, such as Prof. Dr Coskun Tunca from Chicago Gynecology-Oncology Center ; Prof. Dr Kutluk Oktay, New York Cornell Hospital.

We can divide Jinemed`s specialty into five sections.

1.Infertility is the main specialty of Jinemed Hospital. Infertility treatment such as IUI, IVF/ICSI are performed everyday. Jinemed is also the first private IVF center of Turkey. Mainly, infertility patients who are in need of ICSI treatment are candidates for medical travel. Jinemed Hospital does over a thousand IVF cycles each year with great success rates.The clinic has also its own andrology lab for male infertility and perform procedures such as TESE ( testicular biopsy). Jinemed can also perform ovarian cortex freezing and egg freezing procedures which are the newest, experimental techniques in the world of infertility to stop the premature menopouse

2.In Gynecology, all laparoscopic surgeries such as hysteroscopy, myomectomy, ovarian surgery and vaginal procedures are done routinely. Jinemed has ACGE certificated doctors. The ACGE certificate is given by the American College of Gynecologic Endoscopists to physicians who complete long and pain-staking training.

3.In Urogynecology, top subspecialists are in Jinemed, who perform TVT, TOT and so on.

4.When it comes to gynecologic oncology, Jinemed is one of the pioneers in the field. Dr Teksen Camlibel, the president and medical director of Jinemed, is a gynecologist who trained in the USA, subspecialised in gynecologic oncology. Therefore, gyecologic oncology is one of Jinemed`s most successful branches.

5.Jinemed is a high risk obstetrical center with perinatologist and NICU on board. We promote natural birth in home like environment

Jinemed Hospital has a great team of English Speaking Doctors and we are serving UK patients since long years. Currently, American Patients are also choosing Jinemed because of our expert medical team with consultants in the USA, and favorable costs.