Women’s Cancer

Congenital lesions of the reproductive organs – cancer of the cervix, breast or uterus, ovaries. Matrix, breast cancer or uterus, early diagnosis and active treatment, which will help to completely overcome oncology.
An alarming sign is a constantly elevated temperature with no signs of infection or obvious reasons for its development. If the temperature within the low-grade fever lasts more than a couple of weeks – this is the reason for the survey. Particularly suspicious are those forms of fever that are resistant to antipyretic drugs, and the temperature does not decrease when taking even high doses of drugs.
If tumor processes are suspected, a complete examination is necessary. These include a number of tests, ranging from general clinical and ending with specific, with the identification of markers of tumor growth. In addition, a detailed instrumental diagnosis with visualization of the neoplasm is carried out – this is radiography and ultrasound, as well as mammography for the breast, hysteroscopy for the uterus and colposcopy for the cervix.

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