IVF Multiple Failures

Have you had multiple embryo transfers, but no IVF attempts resulted in pregnancy? Do not despair! You still have hope. The causes of IVF failures are surmountable, and pregnancy after unsuccessful IVF is very real. How many IVF attempts will be needed exactly in your case depends on very many factors. One unsuccessful IVF attempt is not a final verdict. If the first IVF is unsuccessful, it doesn’t mean that the next cycle after an unsuccessful IVF does not get the desired result – pregnancy. After an unsuccessful IVF, the most important thing is to determine the basis of the problem, the causes of IVF failures. The reasons for an unsuccessful IVF can be very different. We must not forget, IVF never gives one hundred percent result, attempts of IVF will most likely take several. The unfortunate IVF protocol is, unfortunately, a reality for many. Very often the first IVF is unsuccessful; diagnosis of pregnancy occurs only in 30-40% of cases, and this figure may significantly decrease if there are any serious diseases. Very often the causes of IVF failures are any endometrial pathologies, chronic endometritis. Treatment, if it is correctly prescribed and carried out in time, should contribute to the following successful IVF attempts.